On Tuesday, former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledged that he had fathered a child out of wedlock. There were scant details beyond a vague timeframe—"more than a decade ago"—and the occupation of the child's mother: "a longtime member of [the family's] household staff." But two tabloids have just identified the woman as Mildred "Patty" Baena, age 50, a former housekeeper at Schwarzenegger's Brentwood estate.

Radar Online spoke with two sources who confirmed that Baena is the woman identified in the Los Angeles Times article that broke the story of Schwarzenegger's hidden child. Pictures show Baena and an adolescent boy, matching the age range and gender given in a New York Times article. (The New York Times doesn't identify Baena by name.)

According to TMZ, Baena didn't tell Schwarzenegger that he was the father of her son until the boy was a toddler. According to friends, she'd "pursued" him sometime in the late 90s, eventually leading to regular episodes of "unprotected sex during the day at the house."

Ed. Note: This story has been edited since it was first published to retract details about an alleged second mistress.

[Photo of Schwarzenegger via Getty Images. Photo of Baena via MySpace]