Accused sex criminal and probable bad-tipper Dominique Strauss-Kahn sits behind bars, repeatedly denied bail out of fears he'll jump a charter flight to the nearest extradition-exempt Club Med locale. Meanwhile, his countrymen have been rallying behind the former IMF head.

Research group CSA conducted a poll, the NY Post reports, in which they found 60% of French citizens believe the popular conspiracy theories that the U.S., working with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, conspired to topple him. How they managed to work in the whole consent angle is of little consequence. The French are nothing if not masters of rationalization. And deflection!

"In some quarters, the question of what is wrong with Strauss-Kahn has almost been replaced by what is wrong with the United States," said Dominique Moisi, of the French International Relations Institute.

Translation: "J'accuse! (No j'accusebacks.)" [NY Post, photo via AP]