Dominique Strauss-Kahn has resigned as head of the IMF over his sexual assault case, while firmly proclaiming his innocence. What else is new on the DSK front? Plenty!

  • The most consequential story, of course, is who DSK's successor will be as head of the IMF. The NYT says that French finance minister Christine Lagard (or, as Matt Drudge describes her, "WOMAN") is the leading candidate. She has a reputation for straight talk and sensibility. If you've seen Inside Job, you probably like her.
  • Although there are quite a few other candidates for the job, also.
  • The whole debate over DSK's successor has stirred up the issue of why the IMF is always run by a European. (Because they have all the money.)
  • The US State Department says that DSK does not get diplomatic immunity, the end.
  • Kristin Davis, the publicity-loving madam who provided hookers to Eliot Spitzer, is now saying that DSK "used her Wicked Models service on two occasions in 2006, while campaigning for the leadership of the French Socialist Party." He paid $1,200 an hour, reportedly. Take this with a grain of salt, until the sexxxy pics come out.
  • Did you know that a book came out last year accusing DSK of raping a hotel maid in Mexico? Yes, it's true.
  • DSK has already been denied bail once, on the grounds of being a flight risk. This afternoon, he goes to court to try for bail once again. His lawyers are asking for $1 million bail, an electronic monitoring bracelet, and house arrest. The standard rich person's version of pre-trial detention.
  • Looks like "it was consensual" is what the DSK defense team is going to go with. Good luck with that.
  • DSK's accuser is a native of Guinea who has reportedly lived in the US for seven years, and has a teenage daughter. The French press has published her name.
  • Moe Tkacik weighs in! Very erudite.

[Photo: AP]