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Here's a teaser trailer for This Must Be the Place, a wacky sounding movie about an aging rock star (a tiny-voiced Sean Penn) who goes hunting for a Nazi executioner. Yuppp.

So we don't see much in this, mostly it's "Spiegel im Spiegel" played over close-ups of Penn's make-upped, bewigged head and some scene about Penn leaving on a trip and saying goodbye to his wife (?), Frances McDormand. Then there's (quirk alert!) a dog with a lampshade on its head at the bottom of an empty swimming pool. Oh, is it one of those movies? And is Penn's character mentally damaged, or is it just a drugs and a weird character choice on the actor's part? Who knows! A very mysterious, French-subtitled little teaser.

The movie's title is, presumably, taken from the Talking Heads song, which would fit, as IMBD credits David Byrne, playing himself, among the cast. Just keeps getting weirder, this weird, weird movie. [via Buzzfeed]