Moss-covered property troll Donald Trump may have sacrificed a presidential bid in order to better serve the Celebrity Apprentice-watching people, but that doesn't mean he'll stop giving of himself. The man just gives and gives! Wait, did I say gives? I meant "takes"—as in $35,000 per course at his institute of higher earning, Trump U.

The New York Times reports the state attorney general's office is investigating whether this constitutes illegal business practices.

[D]ozens of students have complained about the quality of the program to the attorneys general of New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois. The Better Business Bureau gave the school a D-minus for 2010, its second-lowest grade, after receiving 23 complaints. Over the last three years, New York and Maryland have told the company to drop the word "university" from its title, saying that using it violated state education laws. (The school was renamed the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative in 2010.)

A school rep counters that 95% of students rated their courses "excellent" on evaluation forms, but the dandruff-plagued Dean of Trump Studies himself admits the school may have been lacking in one department:

"The one thing is that they really wanted me involved, instead of the teachers," Mr. Trump said in an interview last week.

[NYT, photo of Trump via AP]