Which one of you liberal pranksters lit a fire in Sarah Palin's belly? Because she's totally confirmed that yes, there is some sort of flame now roasting her innards, the sort of internal situation that makes one want to run for president.

Palin told Greta van Susteren last night that yes, she wants to run for president, to stick it to all the haters, and now it's just the kids who are getting in the way:

"I am so adamantly supportive of the good, traditional things about America. … I want to make sure America is put back on the right track and we will do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly," she said.

The former vice presidential nominee said one hurdle is "understanding the huge amount of scrutiny and the sacrifices that have to be made on my children's part in order to see their mama run for President."

And this is why you should never have children.

Also, watch a tweaky Palin freak out about typical media behavior in the clip up top, it's great. She's going to kill us all one day! Oh, jeez.