Being a mother is difficult! But there are a few no-nonsense guidelines that can help, such as: Do not sell your daughter's virginity. Not even for $10,000. Felicia Rae McClure, of Salt Lake City, has — according to police — not followed this guideline.

McClure was booked on charges of felony aggravated sex abuse of a child and felony sexual exploitation of a minor because she allegedly tried to sell sell her 13-year-old daughter's virginity to a guy named "Don" for $10,000. Police were alerted to the abuse by McClure's boyfriend, who discovered text messages between her and "Don" discussing the sale.

According to her statement, McClure and daughter "modeled bras and thongs for the prospective customer," apparently together, at home and at Victoria's Secret. Pictures of the girl were sent (for a price) to someone named "Will."

(The daughter seems to have consented to the virginity sale at first but backed out. Also, she was 13 so her "consent" is sort of beside the point. Either way, remember, do not sell your daughter's virginity.)

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