New York's War on Smoking has now won the battle of the public parks, sending thousands of grumpy nature-and-cigarette lovers into the packed, hazy city streets. In this shrinking smoke-friendly world, the next big thing is clear: "Snus." Really?

Reynolds Tobacco, makers of Camel (and Camel Snus!), is launching a new ad campaign in New York, to take advantage of how everyone out there is like, "Smoking is such a hassle now, I might as well just put a package of tobacco in my lip and let its juices seep into my gums:"

"Smokers, switch to smoke-free Camel Snus and reclaim the world's greatest city," says one of the ads, which will run in various forms all week in a handful of newspapers.

No built-in excuse to escape an awkward situation in order to step outside for a smoke. No sexy exhalations. Is anyone actually doing this? Make yourself known, weirdos. [WSJ]