Will America ever be made safe for white people? It's not looking good, according to white people. In a new survey, white Americans revealed that they are now more discriminated against than black Americans. Oh... oh my.

Asked to rank prejudice against blacks on a 1-10 scale in the 2000s, white respondents put the number at 3.6 - compared with 9.1 in the '50s. But white respondents also put the number for anti-white bias at 4.7 - way up from the 1.8 of the '50s.

To recap:
*PREJUDICE AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE: 3.6, 60% better than it was a half century ago.
*PREJUDICE AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE: 4.7, 161% worse than it was a half century ago.
*All numbers according to white people.

Weep, weep for White America. Where is our Martin Luther King Jr.? Oh right, there he is.

[NYDN, photo via Fibonnacci Blue/Flickr]