Does your child attend a "public" high school? You're so old. Also, broke, due to the fact that America's public schools these days charge lots of money. Is this a new thing?

In my day, if you wanted to pay to go to school, you went to "private" school, where they had fewer fights in the hallways, but way more drugs. But now, according to the WSJ, we've underfunded our public education to such an extent that many public high schools now charge hundreds of dollars in "fees" just to begin the year. And that's just the beginning!

Here in Medina [Ohio], the charges imposed on the Dombi family's four children include $75 in generic school fees, $118.50 for materials used in biology, physics and other academic courses, $263 for Advanced Placement exams and $3,990 to participate in cross-country, track and band. That's not counting the $2,716.08 the Dombis paid in property taxes specifically earmarked for the schools.

Why should I, a hardworking taxpayer, pay taxes just so your non-taxpaying kids can enjoy music and athletics for free? If I want music, I pay for it. If I want to go to a gym, I pay for it. I pay for all of my "field trips," to the Heritage Foundation annual picnic. If your kids don't like it, well, nobody's forcing them to finish high school. Quite the opposite.

[WSJ. Photo: Klipschfan/ Flickr]