If you haven't been reading the New York Post's coverage of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, well, then you really should be. The DSK story was tailor made for the Post: Snooty, filthy rich Frenchman allegedly sexually assaults a hotel maid in AMERICA. How does that sit with your Freedom Fries?

The paper has been staking out DSK's $50,000/month Tribeca lair, and, in the process, have painted a clear picture of a caged sex fiend waiting to strike again. We know about his umbrellas (four of them, to be exact), but there's more:

  • DSK, "Pepe Le Pew," has hired male housecleaners, "instead of sexy French maids."
  • They're just a bunch of "blue-collar dudes who look like plumbers," "testosterone-heavy cleaners," actually, and "one of them left carrying a Duane Reade bag stuffed with clothes and a Netflix envelope."
  • DSK's little brother Marc-Olivier (these names! So hyphenated, so... French!), was there for the weekend, "but left yesterday with a suitcase."
  • DSK's wife and daughter went to Crate and Barrel. They were "stocking up on towels, washcloths and linens."
  • A renovation company from Queens dropped in. He must be installing a S&M torture chamber.

This story has a picture of a man carrying out trash bags from DSK's party crib. Any guess as to how much money they offered him for those?

[NYP; DSK's party palace via AP. Note the scooter parked out front. So French.]