In the olden days, your parents used to smoke weed that was not chemically distinguishable from banana peels, which gave them a "hippy dippy" feeling, the most dangerous side effect of which was an affinity for neo-folk tunes. Today, you kids smoke chronic and shoot each other, or at least make up "freestyle raps" about same.

So naturally, as Inside Higher Ed reports, responsible adults on college campuses are fretting about what to do about kids and their chronic, because look, in their day it was all in good fun, but now your chronic is literally four times stronger than their Oaxaca ditch weed was, and next thing you know, everyone is acting like Chet Haze.

So what is the solution, to get through to you high, high kids? The number of different drug education and weed-discouragement programs that schools are trying would fill... this lengthy article, at least! But amidst all the assurances that, haha, we can all laugh at Reefer Madness, is this:

According to the University of Michigan's Monitoring the Future survey, while the percentage of students who have ever used marijuana is declining (and currently hovers a little below 50 percent), about 5 percent are daily users, and that number is on the rise. (Just under 20 percent reported using in the past month; that number has been stable for several years.)

Practically nobody is even blazing any more! Kids these days don't know about the chronic.

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo: miggslives/ Flickr]