A new study from Australia's La Trobe University has found that there is a connection between caffeine and auditory hallucinations. That is, drinking coffee, you might hear weird things.

In the study people were asked to ring a buzzer whenever they heard Bing Crosby's "White Christmas". Except, it was a trick and only white noise was played into their headphones. Those who were drank at least 13.5 ounces of coffee a day incorrectly buzzed the buzzer more. They were trippin' on the sweet black stuff!

Studies are always coming out about coffee being good or bad for you, giving you a heart attack or sharpening your concentration. But it's unclear which camp this falls into. Sure, it would be hard to concentrate on your term paper if you hear the baleful moan of an ancient forest sprite hovering over your left shoulder. But it would really wake you up, too! [Salon via The Awl, image via Shutterstock]