Drinking moonshine was probably the most reasonable thing Russell Little did on Tuesday night. The least reasonable thing he did: put a gun to his head, and also to his dog's head, in a game of Russian Roulette.

At least that's what news reports say Little was doing on Tuesday night; it seems that some of the facts about the South Bend, Indiana man's death are in dispute. One thing's certain, though: If a Russian Roulette game did occur, the dog won.

Little's wife told police he was sitting in the backyard depressed and drinking moonshine when he took a handgun and began playing Russian roulette with the pet dog at about 9 p.m.

After a couple of empty clicks aimed at the dogs head, "She said he got tired of that, then put the gun to his own head and pulled the trigger," said Capt. Jim Andrews of the South Bend Police Department.

Though originally regarded as a homicide, Little's death is now being investigated by the South Bend Metro Homicide unit, who cite other shootings in the city in recent weeks. Meanwhile, several Internet commenters who claim to have known Little and his family—or who might even be Little's family members—tell a story quite different from what's being reported. A person going by the name "Nicole" says:

I know personally the facts in this story are FALSE. Reporters need to take care and be sure they KNOW all the facts before posting stories that could make a devestating situation even worse for the victims family. Mr. Little was NOT playing Russian roulette with his dogs, he loved his dogs...nor was he drinking 'moonshine'. He was a loving and devoted father husband, friend, AND proud dog owner. He will be sorely missed and remembered fondly.

And "Charles" says:

I did know Russ and he was a good man that was sick and his wife was trying to get help for depression but doctors said he would get over it.. You all need to back off. I wish the dog would have been shot then maybe he would have got the help he needed and not lost a friend and two kids would have not lost a dad. There is more to the story the what is being told.

To be fair, the best outcome would have involved nobody getting shot, either Little or his dog. [South Bend Tribune, WNDU. Image Sbolotova via Shutterstock.]