Nothing sounds more liberating than spraying your genitals with DEET, then trekking through tick-infested woods amid patches of poison ivy, thorns and other underbrush totally naked, no? That's how they roll in Germany these days. A year ago, the country's "first hiking trail for nudists" opened near Dankerode to much fanfare and now, the trend could be spreading to Switzerland if the Supreme Court there approves it.

It's not exactly a new thing. There are websites (in German and English) all about hiking naked. There's even a Naked Hiking Day, which coincides with the Summer Solstice on June 21 this year. But what's it really like being out on the trails, totally naked? It's like being in "paradise," one man, "Puistola Grottenpösch" told Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger. Flinging your junk around on a nature trail "fills you with happiness." Oh, we bet it does.

And while problems sometimes arise out on the trails, it's usually nothing a scarf can't fix:

"We are careful," [Swiss nudist] Puistola Grottenpösch explains, citing by way of example an outing he took near Toggenburg (Appenzell, Switzerland), where he came across a group of people celebrating a religious service in a field. Grottenpösch conscientiously hid his privates with a scarf, something he carries for just such occasions. "You quickly wrap it around yourself and all conflict is avoided."

Now, if just three random people in New York would say they've done this a couple of times upstate, well, there's your NYT Sunday Styles feature.

[Time/Tages Anzeiger; image via Getty/Shutterstock]