Today we heard about a new trend sweeping Europe: Naked hiking! Sounds exciting and freeing, doesn't it? What could possibly go wrong? Well, one commenter knows just what.

From Rumblestick:

Reminds me of my buddy Steve. Twenty years ago while vacationing in Palm Springs, he set out on a hike in the desert after an early morning tennis match. As he wandered along, the mid-morning temperatures began to rise. No matter as the glorious desert flora was in full bloom. After about an hour he noticed that he was all alone having not spotted anyone on his sojourn. The temps now pushed triple digits and he decided to strip out of his shirt and tennis shorts. He tucked his items in his backpack and continued on his way. Roadrunners, desert wildflowers and date palms were everywhere. He was one with nature. After another hour he began to tire. He looked for a place to rest in the shade but could find none. He opted for the large flat rock nearby to sit upon and rest awhile. His testicles were so badly burned he spent the remainder of his vacation on the couch with an ice pack between his legs.

[Photo via Shutterstock]