Just last month we were all planking on top of cop cars and camels, reacquainting ourselves with the joy and sense of wonderment that we knew as children. Now it's time for Cone-ing: a new "craze" that involves fast-food ice cream cones and cold hands.

The official Cone-ing website describes the activity thus: "Putting it simply, it is grabbing a soft serve upside down and creating the most awkward situation possible." Australian comedian Alki Stevens, who claims to be the founder of this new fad/movement/craze/meme/whatever, demonstrates a variety of cone-ing techniques in a quasi-instructional YouTube posted here for your edification.

There's all kinds of ways to interpret this exciting new activity, which admittedly seems safer and more delicious than balancing one's person on precariously narrow or off-limits objects. If you can't drive through a drive-thru window because don't have a car (or are afraid of drive-thru windows for some reason), then you can also try to cone on your feet, in a mall. Don't want to get ice cream all over your hands? Then forgo grabbing the cone, and instead top off the cone with a cone of your own. No muss, and no fuss! Want to mess up your hands a lot, plus your face? Engage in extreme cone-ing.

"Fuck rules," as a Facebook fan of the practice says.

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