Alfie Purl, a sheep who lives in England's Cotswolds, is not the head-butting type. So when he went nuts and started bumping his owner—an archeologist named Emma Turner—in the chest one day, Turner "thought there must be something wrong with him."

As it turned out, however, something was wrong with her. A few days after Alfie's freak-out, Turner's chest developed a bruise—and the bruise developed a lump. Turner went to the doctor—because British people can do such things, at least for the moment—and learned she had breast cancer. Alfie had somehow "sensed" that cancer was inside her—or so the hospital staffers who cared for Turner believed:

"The doctors and nurses said that if Alfie hadn't done what he did, when he did it, I wouldn't have found the lump for a few years, by which time it would have spread.

'Everyone at the hospital is convinced that Alfie saved my life."

How did Alfie know? It seems that sheep are fairly intelligent animals, which could mean they're also extra-perceptive. Science, help us figure this out.

Maybe American women don't need free mammograms or Medicaid after all. Maybe we just need psychic sheep friends who can detect our ailments through the powers of intuition. Luckily, Alfie has a Facebook page, so you can befriend him that way—but it looks like he's becoming quite popular, so you'll have competition.

[Daily Mail. Image via Facebook.]