The Vancouver Canucks (hint: hockey) lost the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night, falling to the Boston Bruins 4-0 in the seventh game. This is a big deal in Canada, where hockey is basically their version of American Idol. And so they've decided to riot.

This is the second time Vancouver has erupted into a most un-Canadian chaos over hockey; in 1994, the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the New York Rangers (also in seven games), and rioters ended up doing over $1 million in damage. (Canadian dollars, that is.) So why not do it again?

Police fired both tear gas and pepper spray in attempts to disperse angry Canucks fans, who had spent much of the day well-behaved before climbing light poles, getting into fistfights and setting fire to vehicles.

Images from a news helicopter flying above Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver showed a silver car turned over on its hood, with fans jumping up and down on its underside. Moments later, the car was set ablaze, but firefighters quickly put out the inferno.

Not far away, angry fans tried to flip over a truck, while another car was seen resting on its hood at Nelson and Granville Streets.

Apparently they're also setting jerseys on fire, as you can see to your left.