By now you've probably seen footage of the hockey riot in Vancouver. And if you're from the US, you've probably said to yourself, "Damn, I didn't know they had it in them!" Thanks to a riot analysis from the Times we know that we could be dealing with a new, ultra-violent Canada. Here's your Vancouver hockey riot but what does it all mean? article:

On Thursday, while workers replaced windows and covered storefronts in plywood and hundreds of volunteers picked up debris, a nation that takes pride in its reputation for peaceful coexistence wrestled with questions about possible flaws in the national character.

Guess what? It was a fucking sports riot. A huge, violent sports riot, yes, but are Canadians collectively "wrestl[ing] with questions about possible flaws in the national character"? The Canucks lost and people were upset and some exploited the mood on the streets to burn and loot. These things happen! Are you Canadian? Are you reevaluating your whole life in the aftermath of this national identity-altering experience? Did the Vancouver riot and the Canucks' humiliating loss make you question your vision of a utopian society? Are we dealing with a nation of extremists on our northern border?

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