Poor Terry Jones, the world-famous Koran-hating pastor of Florida! He traveled all the way from Jacksonville to Dearborn, Michigan for the Arab International Festival, and instead getting of a welcoming reception he was mobbed by protesters who seemed agitated by his very presence.

The protesters probably didn't even tell Jones how snazzy he looked in his outfit of "sunglasses, a bulletproof vest, and a T-shirt that read: 'Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9-11.'" Instead, they shouted at him and the various priests and rabbis who decided to join his anti-Islam rally and counter-protest against the festival (reportedly the largest outdoor gathering of Arab-Americans in the whole US of A). When Jones tried to walk down the street toward the festival, protesters blocked his path. Some "scuffling" happened! Then the cops showed up and saved Jones from his enemies, six of whom were arrested.


At his last appearance in Dearborn, Jones was joined by an ally who wore a skull-shaped belt buckle. Sounds like the "Terry Jones look" is integrating some biker-style and metal elements to accentuate the badass porn 'stache that has become the pastor's facial trademark. Now he needs some rock band patches for the back of his bulletproof vest to complete his ensemble. Oh, and a tattoo that goes, "Banned From Britain, Bad Everywhere Else."

[Times-Union, Image via AP.]