A seriously disturbed bridegroom, upset over the tab for his wedding at Peckforton Castle in Britain, allegedly took matters into his own hands over the weekend by lighting the place on fire after everyone had gone to sleep. The Daily Mail reports that over 100 firefighters responded to the blaze that started at around 4:45 am. Some 70 wedding guests were sleeping at the time and a man, presumably the bridegroom, was arrested.

One bystander summed it up to the paper: "What a way to start married life." No kidding. The over/under on that marriage lasting through the week can't be good when the most memorable wedding photograph is the guy's mugshot after he almost burned a castle down. Not to mention putting your dearest friends and family members' lives at risk, or the fact that the bride just realized she married a pyromaniac. And seriously, if you're shelling out enough cash to have a wedding at a castle, then how much is the tipping point?