"Hey, uh, Vancouver? Sorry for the violent riots." That's what a handful of regretful Canadians are saying on blogs, Facebook pages and media reports after they were linked to last week's downtown Vancouver hockey riot.

University of British Columbia student Camille Cacnio launched a whole blog to apologize after a YouTube video surfaced of her looting a clothing store. "The pants are being returned," she writes. "I have made mistakes and have learned for them." Another guy apologized for cheering on the riots in a Facebook post.

Nathan Kotylak, a 17-year-old member of the Canadian national water polo team apologized, too. But his apology wasn't enough for the National Post, which suggested it might be a "public relations maneouvre designed to offset the critical damage he's done to his reputation." Ah, come on, who didn't participate in a massive riot when they were a carefree teen?

So, that's three rioters, all totally sorry for rioting. We're sure the thousands of other rioters who managed not to be tracked down by blogs dedicated to publicly shaming rioters have spent the past few days mobbing police cars... with apologetic boxes of chocolate and flowers!

This is just like how everyone apologized when Giants fans trashed San Francisco after last year's World Series. Oh, no, wait. They actually gleefully checked in on Foursquare. [via NYT]