We've heard the rumor more than once—it usually comes up around the time for contract negotiations—but the evil specter of MTV recasting Jersey Shore is rearing its ugly head again. Would MTV ever actually go through with it?

Us Weekly quotes an insider saying that after filming season five in Seaside Heights this summer, this cast is kaput. Is this the end? Maybe. The show would benefit from a fresh jolt of talent and some unrecognizable (and probably cheaper and easier to manage) stars. And the network already has Snooki, JWOWW, and DJ Paulie Destructible starting their own shows, so it's not like they'd lose them. We'll have to wait and see what happens. Update: MTV denies it has plans to recast.

Meanwhile, the cast is supposedly on lockdown in Seaside waiting to start filming. It's hard to keep these kids out of trouble and out of the media glare. Let's hope they enjoy it. It could be the last time any of them need protection from overexposure.