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Here's a trailer for Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol ("ghost protocol" is the word for "four" in video game). It looks just like the last Mission: Impossible, so... awesome!

In case you have forgotten, a brief history of the Mission: Impossible movie franchise: The first Mission: Impossible was a sweet little Brian DePalma flick with Vanessa Redgrave and Jon Voight and Tom Cruise in old man makeup. They kill off the entire IMF from the TV series in the first ten minutes, including a scene where Emilio Estevez is stabbed in the face by an elevator. It was the kind of excellent action flick you can watch over and over again, and as a bonus, it featured one of those weird nonsense movie operating systems that all 1990s movie-computers had.

There was no Mission: Impossible II. Nope. Don't ask! because it never existed.

M:I:III reminded the world that, whatever you think about the fact that Tom Cruise is genuinely nuts and has a fleet of motorcycles built by slaves, the guy is pretty goddamn fun. There were disguises, and a great, creepy Philip Seymour Hoffman, and a scene with Tom Cruise in a priest's frock, and for some reason Simon Pegg was working for the U.S. government.

Luckily for all of us, Mission: Impossible: Colon Protocol is more or less the same team getting back together and (it seems) doing the same thing, only with Jeremy Renner instead of Billy Crudup, and Paula Patton instead of Maggie Q. Oh, and instead of J.J. Abrams directing (he wrote the film and is producing), we've got Brad Bird of The Incredibles. We are eagerly anticipating watching the scene where Tom Cruise rappels down the side of the world's largest building through our fingers.