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Only one protestor showed up outside the Alcoa plant where President Obama was speaking on Tuesday, but he made his appearance count. Meet Richard McCaslin, of California, who wore striped pants and a matching "THOUGHT CRIME" hat, and held a sign that said "REPTOID ROYALTY: NO BLUE BLOODS IN THE WHITE HOUSE." Let him explain that to you:

"Every American president has British peerage, and royalty has always said they have the right to rule by their bloodline," he said. "Their ancestors weren't human; they were aliens, probably of the reptilian type."

Indeed. An excellent photo of McCaslin "discuss[ing] his theory about President Barack Obama's reptile origins with Savannah Holmes, 14, of Provo Utah" can be found here. Reportedly, McCaslin was asked to leave his spot near the entrance of the plant "by Mark Brenny of Brenny's Motorcycle Clinic." His current whereabouts are unknown.

Interestingly, a Richard McCaslin (calling himself "The Phantom Patriot") snuck in to the legendary "Bohemian Grove" in 2002, carrying "a double-barreled shotgun/assault rifle hybrid, a 2- foot-long sword, a .45-caliber pistol, a crossbow, a knife and a hand-made bomb launcher." (At the time, he explained to the police that he "was expecting armed resistance.")

While we cannot at present confirm that "the Phantom Patriot" is the same Richard McCaslin as the gentleman who showed up in Davenport, Iowa on Tuesday, we should if nothing else note the outfit donned by the Bohemian Grove-infiltrating McCaslin on the night of his crime:

McCaslin was wearing a bulletproof vest, blue fatigues with "Phantom Patriot" spelled out in red letters across the chest and a rubber skeleton mask when he crept into the grove.

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