Sara Duterte-Carpio is the mayor of Davao City, Philppines—a place recently hit by flash flooding. She's probably a bit stressed out by all the devastation and tragedy going on in her town. Or maybe she's just someone you don't fuck with, ever.

So Duterte-Carpio told this sheriff guy, Abe Andres, not to raze some shanties where around 217 families were living, right? He said no, so she asked him to wait two hours while undertook some relief work for the families—who were allegedly ready to greet the demolition team with "bladed weapons and hard objects." Andres wouldn't back down. So she went bam-bam-bam with her fist.

It's not very common to see politicians fight (literally) for the poor, is it?

Now Duterte-Carpio might face charges or lose her post; she's going on leave for a few days while officials investigate the incident. Earlier, though, she stated that she didn't care what anyone thought about her punching. What do you think about it? Do you think American politics needs more or less punching?

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