Today we heard the strange, terrible story of a woman who died from dog sex. Yikes times a million. This awful thing happened in Limerick, Ireland so naturally you filthy lot decided to write little limericks of your own. Here are some.

From PerhapsNot:

Since her marital love wanes and waxes,
And the rugrats her patience o'ertaxes,
Desperate for a snog,
This poor dame does a dog,
And expires, thus, of anaphalaxis.

From Jack Nance Revolution:

There once was a man named Sean
Who arranged for some odd goings-on
When it was all said and done
The trio was sadly minus one
And another took a dump on the lawn

From hilikosopus:

There once was a gal from Lim'rick
Who suffered an unusual sic.
She was a bugger
But allergic to rubber
And now she's dead from dog dick.

From resu427:

There once was a woman from Éire
Who had a taboo desire
A man that won't judge her
With a dog she could bugger
Who'd have though it was then she'd expire?

[Image via Shutterstock]