Recently a diver took pictures of a blackspot tuskfish who was smacking a clam off a rock to get at the delicious food inside. As Science reports, the fish "was clearly quite skilled at its task" and "landing absolutely pinpoint blows."

Why does this make us nervous?

People have spotted fish banging their meals off of rocks in the past, Science tells us. But there haven't been too many reports of such occurrences, and until now no one's ever been able to document one on film. Perhaps tuskfish are becoming bolder—i.e., more aggressive? The fish in the video here (not the same specimen that busted open the clam, but he's copyright-compliant and closely resembles that fish) seems so calm, just moseying around in that sea water, la la la. It could be a ruse, though.

Given the Pacific-sized grudge the world's fish surely harbor against people after decades of enduring our pollution, overfishing, and disrespect for their property rights, fish using tools seems like an an ominous development. If the tuskfish upgrade from rocks to power drills and saws, life for humans could become quite terrifying. And let's not even think about what could happen if the tool-wielding tuskfish start mingling with snakehead fish—who are not only aggro, but also capable of walking—and swap skills.

Hopefully scientists will keep a close watch on these fish, to make sure they don't come out of the ocean one day and kill us all.

Update: The sharks are leaping.