Netflix's phone lines are overloaded, its blog comments maxed out and its hate mail has become a trending topic on Twitter. All because of a $6 price hike.

Here's a recording of Netflix's overloaded customer service line turning away calls, via All Things Digital. And via the Wall Street Journal comes word that angry customers brought Netflix's blog post about the price hike to its 5,000 comment maximum. "Even a dog knows the difference between being tripped over and being kicked," read a comment with 338 "likes." Meanwhile, "Dear Netflix" became a trending topic on Twitter thanks to tweets telling the company to "fuck off!" and that "you suck baby dick" (wow).

People: Get a grip! We say this as someone who called Netflix an "evil... manipulative greaseball pig... bastard" the day before yesterday. It's all still true, because a 60 percent price hike is a terrible way to treat your customers. But when you get down to brass tacks, it's six freaking dollars a month, and the incumbent big alternatives (Comcast, DirecTV) are so, so much worse. Hell, $6 is how much extra you pay watching just two additional TV shows and one movie on an Apple TV.

So by all means, write a bitchy tweet, cancel your subscription if you must, but let's keep some perspective and leave baby dicks and Goldman Sachs-worthy swearing out of all this, OK?

[Photo via Rob Marquardt/Flickr]