In your finally Friday media column: Rupert Murdoch apologizes, Andrew Ross Sorkin gets a TV gig, the AP stylebook is wrong, Google encourages you to read, and Bob Schieffer is still among the living.

  • Rupert Murdoch has apologized to the victims of his company's phone hacking in the most personal way possible: a full page ad. That was probably written by Edelman. What more do you people want?
  • Andrew Ross Sorkin, the NYT Dealbook guy who is so successful at such a young age, the little shit, now has a TV career, also: he's the new co-host of CNBC's Squawk Box. Is Andrew Ross Sorkin "Too Big to Fail?" We don't know, but we know you won't catch Andrew Ross Sorkin writing jokes as brilliant as that, the Golden Boy little bastard.
  • According to the AP stylebook, The Huffington Post must be shortened as "HuffPost," not "HuffPo." We'll see about that.
  • Now the Google Corporation is handing out imaginary "badges" that will somehow reward you, the zombie mind slave, for "reading articles." When you read news articles now you will get an imaginary "badge," courtesy of Google. Got that? Okay, journalism is saved, next?
  • CBS's Bob Schieffer is still alive and able to speak.

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