Hey did you know that county-level Medicaid administrators in Ohio aren't vigorously vetting the applicants who seek their services? Thank God for James O'Keefe, the only journalist in the nation with the sheer guts to tell this bone-chilling tale of county bureaucrats failing to diligently do their jobs.

If O'Keefe, the rapey ACORN-killing junior reporter, ever had any talent, it was in picking good targets: His attempts to take down ACORN and NPR at least had the inherent drama of taking on right-wing bogeymen. His latest opus involves sending fake Russian drug dealers to strip malls in Ohio to apply for Medicaid benefits. And guess what? Bored county social workers don't immediately call the cops when guys in bad Russian accents talk openly about drugs. Or getting elective abortions for their sisters, who happen to be the age of consent in Ohio, even though federal Medicaid doesn't cover abortions and Ohio Medicaid dollars don't cover elective ones so all the Medicaid staffers tell them to go to Planned Parenthood. Scandalous.

Anyway, if it weren't for people like James O'Keefe, no one would know about Medicaid fraud except for the people who subscribe to the Department of Justice's press releases, which report new arrests and indictments in multi-million dollar Medicaide investigations on an almost daily basis. Keep up the good work, Jimmy.