Maybe you skipped town this past week to avoid the heat and you missed your favorite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you just installed a shiny new A/C unit and you're ready for a distraction. Well, whatever the case, we've got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the hot-as-hell week that was.

Watching Fish Eating at 1,000 Frames-per-second Makes Me Hungry

I just want to eat sushi at the same speed as these fish other smaller fish. Which, mind you, it's not far from my usual speed. View »

The top ten viral car videos

Some YouTube videos are too cool to keep to yourself. When they get sent to all corners of the globe, they're viral, and when they're car related, they're even better. Yesterday we asked for viral car videos, and here are the top ten. View »

NYC Subway Passenger Beats the Heat by Getting Naked

Today, one young woman decided to beat the record-setting New York City heat by riding a Manhattan-bound D train completely naked from the waist down. No, it's not the most polite thing to do on the subway. But on a sweltering day like today, can you really blame her? View »

Freddy Krueger Coming to Mortal Kombat

The next downloadable character for Mortal Kombat is Freddy Krueger, the dude with the knives on his fingers from A Nightmare on Elm Street. Where's Jason? View »

Why It's Important For 9-Year-Old Girls To Be 'Sexy'

On last night's episode of Dance Moms, studio owner Abby Lee decided that in order to win competitions, her 8- and 9-year-old students needed to wear "skimpier" outfits and do a more "scandalous dance." View »

If This Doesn't Warm Your Heart, You're Awful

This video from last night's Diamondbacks game melts even our permafrost countenances. Nicholas, as a young boy, is allowed to be upset about not getting the ball tossed into the stands by Rickie Weeks. But Ian's a kid too, and no one would have ever begrudged his taking the ball back to his seat and guarding it like a jealous lover. But the moment he notices Nicholas crying, and without the prompting of a parent, Ian walks down and hands him the ball. View »

Child Bride Courtney Stodden and Creepy Old Husband Give Weirdest Interview Yet

Every time we try to look away from 51-year-old Lost actor Doug Hutchison and 16-year-old country singer Courtney Stodden, their freakshow antics suck us back in. In a new E! interview, they pass a Yorkie back and forth, rubbing noses and giggling about Courtney losing her virginity. View »

A parallel parking job you have to see to believe

This accidental parking job has to be seen to be believed. Watch as the driver manages to flip and roll his Porsche into a series of open spots to create his very own parallel spot. It's just a shame he was actually trying to keep it on the road. View »

Baby Monkey Playing With an iPhone Is the Cutest Video You'll See Today

I love monkeys and I love this cute video of Nala, a baby Capuchin who seems to be fascinated by a game called Lucky Coins on an iPhone. View »

Try As She Might, Paris Hilton Can't Kick Her 'Baby Voice' Habit

Recently, Paris Hilton took a moment to speak about the voices she has in her repertoire. Paris says her "Baby Voice" was something she developed for the Fox reality series The Simple Life, saying she "had to do" to please the network's desire for her to play an "airhead." Eight years later, she's still doing it. View »

Here's the Outrageous Suicide Attempt Scene from ABC Family's Cyberbully

Tonight, ABC Family premiered Cyberbully (sorry, Cyberbu//y), a TV movie it hyped as a call to "delete digital drama." Which is funny, because Cyberbully itself was so hyperbolic and drama-filled that you'd think there wouldn't be any of it left lying around to get rid of, anyway. Case in point: the melodramatic suicide attempt scene. View »

Alberto Contador Punches A Heckler, Tour De France Remains Awesome

The carnage at DeathFrance 3000 is not contained to the riders. Today a spectator dressed as a doctor and carrying a blood bag (A reference to his positive drug test at last year's Tour) joined others in running alongside Contador as he tried to make a last-ditch move on the last day in the Alps. Contador took a whack at the guy, and we can't really say we blame him. View »

20 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog All At Once, All For You

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of its spiky blue mascot and the upcoming double-stuffed Sonic Generations, Sega show us how far Sonic has come, how far he's gone off course, and how Sonic the Werehog gameplay never really counted. View »

These Australian Waterfalls Are Running Upwards

Winds are now so strong on the southern coast of Australia—74.5mph (120km/h)—that waterfalls are running upwards. The water is just being blown up from the bottom. The situation's crazy, especially for those commuters in their ferries. View »

Rebecca Black's New Single Is Here

Here it is, Rebecca Black's new single: "My Moment." That she released it on a Monday says a lot about how ready she is to move past "Friday." Good luck with that! View »

The ten most awesome wheelies ever

Four wheels good, two wheels bad. Unless two of the four wheels are in the air. Wheelies are awesome, and here are the ten best, as suggested by Jalopnik readers. View »

Mother Too Busy Fighting A Stranger To Notice Her Child Rolled Out Of Subway Car

A mother let her child's stroller — with the child still inside — roll off of the L train in Brooklyn so she could fight another woman for what this video claims was a dispute over a seat. Fortunately, several bystanders made sure the baby was okay. Also, wow. View »

A Peek Inside Catherine's Deluxe Love is Over Box

No doubt taunting me for not preordering the special edition of the game, here's Atlus' Aram Jabbari sticking his hands inside Catherine's box. To think I once let him buy me pizza. View »

Bill Maher Targets Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin in On-Air Tirade

While two Real Time with Bill Maher panel guests got flak today for making sexually charged jokes about Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum on last night's show, it seems nobody batted an eye at the anti-Bachmann, anti-Sarah Palin rant with which Maher ended the broadcast. Until now, at least. View »

Watching a Guinness World Record Blob Jump Is Soaring Flying Fun

Ah, the blob jump. It's the timeless practice of using people to launch people. Trust me, you'll know what it is when you see it. This video shows a blob jump that sent someone 55 feet in the air, a Guinness world record. View »

Stephen Drew's Ankle Did A Thing Human Ankles Shouldn't Do

Oof. That ankle's at the wrong o'clock. But perhaps even worse is when he snaps it back into place. (If you're squeamish, you may not want to watch the super slo-mo at 0:51, right after the announcer "hopes it's not a possible break.") It is, and Drew's obviously done for the season. View »

Watch a sheet of steel transform into a new BMW

The modern assembly process involves a symphony of robotics, a waltz of forklifts, and a few colorful somersaults into pools of acid. Watch this video beautifully capture the soup-to-nuts build of a BMW 3-series at the company's Munich plant. View »

Rupert Murdoch Attacked at Hearing

Someone just accosted Rupert Murdoch during his testimony before Parliament, apparently in an attempt to throw a pie in his face. He doesn't appear to have been injured. His wife Wendi played bodyguard, catapulting herself toward the attacker with arms and nails flailing. His son James just stood there. View »

Courtesy Of The French, The Weirdest Video You'll See Today

We're pretty sure the point behind animated spot for French awareness group AIDES is that you can do lots of sexy, freaky things with your fingertips, including getting tested for AIDS. But with all of these sexually-explicit, cartoony images in our faces, all we can think is "You crazy, France." (Video NSFW.) View »

One Year of the New York Times As Told By 12,000 Screenshots

Phillip Mendonça-Vieira made a mistake, a wonderful mistake. For over a year, he accidentally ran a cron task that captured a screenshot of the NY Times' front page twice an hour, 24 hours a day. He compiled these 12,000 images into a five-minute video essay that details the major events of the last year. View »

Battlefield 3's Operation Metro Delivers Multiplayer Mayhem

We had a chance to check out the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 earlier this week. We also spent more time playing through the game's Operation Metro mulitplayer map. Here's a quick run through of a single, segmented-map in the game's multiplayer. View »

Stephen Colbert Gives a Crash Course in Gay History

Last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill requiring public schools to include contributions from gay people in its history textbooks. On tonight's Report, Stephen Colbert reviewed the negative reaction of conservatives (and Fox News) to the bill's passing before attempting his own take on the subject with a 60-second gay history crash course. View »