Today we looked at the apotheosis of the New York Times wealthy people trend story: rich kids taking private jets to summer camp. Outrageous! That will make them spoiled, won't it? Well, plane or boat or car, the spoiling is inevitable, warned a commenter.

From MadameEducatrix:

Everyone just calm down. Whether a private jet or a personal, monogrammed riverboat drops little Baedeker and Majorca off at Camp Lilywhite, rest easy in this knowledge: both of these little darlings will be initiated into the worlds of oral pleasure and methamphetamines by the kitchen staff, the stable hands, or some other Down East townies who tool around in eau-de-fishrot-scented F-150s. Perhaps Majorca will return at the end of August and dazzle her parents with her facile command of Dominican-accented Spanish, with which she'll exchange off-color jokes with Magaly the Housekeeper. And what if young, dashing Baedeker returns from Circus Camp in Bretagne; tanned, blond, flexible, with a taste for Pimm's Cups and pressed jeans? What then?

What then indeed, New York Times?

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