Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts thought it would be a good — again, that's good — idea yesterday to ramble for 10+ minutes yesterday on the Senate floor about his fantasy game of basketball with President Obama, during which they would discuss policy. This is the only way to get the president's attention, he larfed. Hehe, yesiree. What?

Here's an excerpt, via The Hill:

"Perhaps he could actually invite me," Roberts said on the Senate floor. "[E]verybody knows the president is a very good basketball player."

Roberts, who said he also plays basketball, then laid out lengthy narrative of how the game that might ensue.

"I'd like to emphasize while we were playing that basically he shouldn't be more concerned with increasing the debt ceiling past the 2012 elections and working on a long-term solution for solving the crisis," said Roberts.

"He would probably go to the left corner and sink a three about that time, and I would want to emphasize…that he…seems to be fixated on one specific industry," said Roberts, adding he would say Obama has "singled out the general aviation industry as an example of big business that serves only the wealthy."

"And then after I shot and missed it and I would say ‘your ball again, Mr. President,' I would say as he was trying to drive around me rather successfully, ‘the truth is that these aircraft actually serve as an essential business tool…'" continued Roberts.

It finally gets naughty near the end, when they decide to play sans pants. But maybe not? It's not like we've watched this whole fucking thing. That's for you, the readers, to enjoy for yourselves!