Meet Gerardo Martinez! Mr. Martinez is facing "several charges" after admitting to police that he had sex with a cat and then threw it out of a window, killing it. Shockingly, he was high on meth.

Police, following up on reports that a man with no pants on had thrown a cat out of a window, came to Martinez's apartment, where he greeted them "shirtless with his pants down." Luckily, Martinez had come up with a bulletproof explanation. Two of them, actually:

Martinez, who admitted to using meth, first denied having a cat, police said. Later, he changed his story and told police his boyfriend threw the cat from the window three hours prior, police said.

When police told Martinez that witnesses said the cat was thrown more recently, he said he attempted to have sex with the cat and then threw it out the window, along with a pornographic DVD, police said.

The cat later died. Martinez—charged with "animal torture, bestiality and indecent exposure"—could spend five years in jail.