Should Mike Moradian get a Harvard MBA? Or should Mike Moradian forever change education with his awesome web startup? Mike Moradian is tortured by this decision, so he has asked the nation to think about what will make the brightest possible future for Mike Moradian and then to get back to Mike Moradian with a recommendation. Don't you already want to help?

Moradian is the guy behind the websites CampusBuddy and the newly launched CollegeBudget, an e-commerce solution targeting the university market and leveraging Moradian's pre-aggregated collegiate audience to bootstrap collective social buying, student loans, daily d.... bzjksaakkkkkkkkkk

Sorry, we fell asleep there for a minute onto our keyboard. Anyway, should Moradian do this boring online college startup thing in order become an obscenely wealthy member of the American plutocracy, or should he go to the Harvard School of Business (where he was accepted in December, GO MIKE YAY) in order to become an obscenely wealthy member of the American plutocracy? Surely you have an opinion on this, which is why Mike is thrusting a survey upon every unfortunate college student who visits to one or more of his websites to rent books or leverage their university academic metadata or whatever.

Why crowdsource his future, aside from the ego gratification of involving the entire world in this decision? For the good of the country, Moradian writes:

It affects you too! The cost of college has spiraled out of control... I want to make a difference now and help students save real money... If I'm going to skip out on Harvard to do this, I need to know that America is behind me.

So far, America does indeed appear to be behind Moradian. Even though this seems like a naked publicity stunt for CollegeBudget, Moradian got a nice writeup in TechCrunch, which wonders what this reveals about college education and personal decisionmaking in the context of inexpensive social graph survey techniques, etc.; and he's attracted a nice collection of supportive comments, including a guy from HBS who says, "we will miss you if you don't [attend]." No wonder Moradian was named the best young entrepreneur of 2010: He knows how to dress up obsessive self interest as a national cause, just like the pros.

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