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The Arizona Tea Party constituents who helped reelect John McCain last year are shocked, shocked to hear that he would then go on to make fun of them, by calling them "hobbits" on the Senate floor, immediately after starting his new term.

McCain sharply criticized the dead-ender Tea Partiers in the House Republican conference near the end of the debt ceiling debate, basically calling them lunatics and quoting a Wall Street Journal editorial that mocked them as idealist "hobbits" who thought they could rid the Earth of liberal evil overnight. This did not go over well at McCain's town hall in Arizona yesterday, where Tea Partiers demanded an apology. Watch it in the clip! McCain responded, "I don't know what to apologize for," after which everyone laughed/booed at him.

But the hot Republican-on-Republican action didn't stop there!

Tea-party activists called McCain "out of touch" when the senator said he didn't know about United Nations "Agenda 21."One man described the initiative as a "takeover of the United States of America by taking over our farms."

"First, our firearms, then our farms," another man added.

McCain said no Congress would allow that to happen, but that didn't satisfy several in the room who subscribed to the theory.

Why does John McCain hate his constituents so much?