On the fourth night of England's riots, 10,000 police flooded London streets and the city remained mostly calm. But the riots spread to other cities, leaving three men dead in Birmingham. British Prime Minister David Cameron promised a "fightback" to squelch unrest.

  • Three Birmingham men were killed when they were rammed by a car full of looters as they tried to protect their homes.
  • Riots also raged in Manchester, where a woman's fashion store was set on fire; Stores were trashed and a shopping center was looted. Here's dramatic video of police clashing with bike-riding looters on the streets.

500 people were arrested in last night's rioting, according to the New York Times.

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron, still undoubtedly grumpy from having to cut short his Italian vacation, says police are in the middle of a "fightback," which includes preparing water cannons and rubber bullets to be used on rioters.

A scrappy, little-known Sikh satellite channel was the best source of live footage from the Birmingham unrest. Here's video of the excitable anchor and his cameraman picking up a cop and chasing down looters.

  • Here's a good piece on Mindhacks about "riot psychology" and the challenges police face in breaking up angry crowds.
  • Spare a thought for all the indie music lost in that big London warehouse fire: The warehouse was full of media belonging to indie labels like Sub Pop, Warp and Beggars Banquet. "For these labels, it may take weeks, if not months, to restock," writes Slate.

[Photos via AP]