The now 20-year-old Barefoot Bandit, Colton Harris-Moore — famous for stealing rich people toys like airplanes and boats while shoeless — has reportedly signed a $1.3 million movie deal that includes the young criminal's life rights as part of a plea deal agreed to by federal prosecutors. All of the money will go toward repaying his victims. In a statement obtained by The Herald, the Bandit said:

"I have absolutely zero interest in profiting from any of this and I won't make a dime off it. It all goes to restitution. That's what I insisted on from the beginning and the contract I signed guarantees it."

And if you're looking for an actor to play a smug, beady-eyed teenager you can't do much better than Zac Efron, who is rumored to be playing the Bandit. The chastened Harris-Moore is set to be sentenced for his various crimes in October.

[The Herald; image via AP]