Did you know you can get arrested for popping your zits in public? Well, maybe not you, because you don't have warrants out for your arrest. (Do you?) But if you are Owen Lemire Kato of Cape Coral, Florida, and have an OxyContin syringe in your pocket and outstanding drug-related arrests, and spend ten minutes popping the zits on your back outside a local McDonald's, and it ruins everyone's appetites, and some crazy person actually calls the cops to report you for grossing them out?

And the cops actually come, because they don't really have a choice, or maybe because they're in the mood for McNuggets?

And then the ask for your name, and you say "John Smith," and they're like, "Yeah right, show me your driver's license," and then they see the syringe, and find out about the warrants?

Then, yes, you can get arrested for popping zits in public. Owen Lemire Kato was ostensibly related for the drug stuff, but the McDonald's zip-popping party is what started the downward spiral, and so he will forever be known as The Guy Who Got Arrested For Popping His Zits in Public. Happily McEver McAfter, the end. [CBS-Tampa, AOL, Image via Lee County Sheriff]