Here's a collage of the depressing quotes from 1,000 students around the world who were asked to quit the internet and all media for a day as part of a University of Maryland study. They became depressed, they became anguished — and they became disgusted with their own dependency.

You can read more results from the study here after you peruse the quotes above (click the image to enlarge). Among other things, the research team found that students see the media as literal extensions of themselves. "Some came to recognize that... their relationship to media was one of the closest 'friendships' they had," the study said. One big caveat though: The researchers were not doctors or med students, but journalism school PhD candidates. We had no idea journalism doctorates even existed, but we do know this: Pursuing one is probably a much more debilitating form of media obsession than any Facebook habit. Get help while you still can, guys.

[via LA Times]