Today we heard that yet another anti-gay congressman has been caught trolling for gay sex online. Tra la la, another one bites the dust. This calls for limericks!

From CJ4:

There once was a Rep named Hinkle,
Who did more with his dick than just tinkle.
He called up young Kameryn
To give him a hammerin'.
Now his wife wants to cut it off with a Henkel.

From PGCMcCullougha>:

A pol had a deviant habit
but didn't think any should have it.
So he slipped, and—bad luck!—
he got screwed though not fucked
but the bitch didn't need to go blab it.

From Nilla Waffler:

I know of a rep on the downlow
Who made a big anti-gay show
He may hate the queers
(Having been one for years)
But his secret's now all over town though

And more! Meaning, write more.

[Image via Shutterstock]