Tara Reid married one of her rich boyfriends, but even her publicist isn't sure which one. Jessica Alba gives birth to a daughter named "Haven." Kate Hudson debuts baby "Bing." Julian Schnabel attacks his ex. Monday gossip is updated.

  • Tara Reid's publicist told People that she married filthy rich "Danish businessman" boyfriend Michael Lillelund, but then Lilleund said it wasn't true, forcing Tara to tweet a correction: She married a different filthy rich boyfriend (assuming he is the one who bought that ring) named Zack Kehayov. (This guy?) I didn't even know she'd broken up with previous filthy rich fiance Michael Axtmann. Tara Reid: One-woman tour of the Forbes international billionaire list. Well, technically not billionaires, but did you see Tara Reid's ring? Look at Tara Reid's fucking ring. LOOK at it. This ring means one thing. She's coming home with some fancy rich guy tonight, and she owns half of that home now, too. That's right. Eat Tara Reid's diamond-encrusted, gold-plated dust, Paris Hilton. Eat it and weep. [People, @TaraReid, Image of Tara via Pacific Coast News, Lillelund via Getty, ring via @TaraReid]
  • Speaking of Paris Hilton, she had a meltdown this weekend when she lost two cellphones at an airport in the Philippines. [Radar]
  • Jessica Alba gave birth and named her baby Haven. Jessica's older daughter is named Honor. Her husband is named Cash. Good names for a mafia family, no? Or a old time country trio. Come to think of it, if you translate "Alba" to "White," that's sort of the plot of The Wild and Wonderful Whites. [People]

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy debuted their Google product placement baby Bing on Twitter. When it comes to celebrity baby debuts, Twitter has completely usurped the covers of tabloid magazines. This is good news, because it means you can return to your regularly scheduled "staring at Lindsay Lohan looking like crap outside a nightclub" next time you're in the checkout line at Duane Reade. [E!, @MattBellamy]

  • Chaz Bono has a beard now. [TMZ]
  • Prince Jackson, son of Michael, wore earbuds and grabbed his crotch while shuffling around Los Angeles. Chip off the ol' block. [DailyMail]
  • Director Julian Schnabel reportedly broke up with Rula Jebreal, the girlfriend of four years whom he dumped his wife to be with, two months ago. The pair met when Julian decided to turn Rula's autobiographical novel into a movie. Now they're on the press tour of Miral, and in case you were wondering, this is what a work relationship break-up looks like in Hollywood: "They were already arguing when they arrived at 30 Rock… When they were about to go on air, he seemed really angry about her hair. He shouted, 'You look like Farrah Fawcett.'" [P6]
  • One of the Deal or No Deal hotties was arrested after texting "You're a fucking cunt" to ex's new girlfriend. This isn't illegal, but vandalizing the girlfriend's apartment with "This girl sucks dicks for free" and "This girl is a fucking cunt" is, and now the cops thinks the lady who holds suitcase #25 did that, too. In other news, Deal or No Deal still exists? [TMZ]
  • Sherri Shepherd married her TV writer fiance this weekend. [People, @SherriEShepherd]
  • Huffington Post Celebrity has a promising-sounding article called "Selita Ebanks Talks Nick Cannon's Tiny Male 'Talent,'" but do not be fooled! This video interview actually shows Selita saying "eh" every time columnist Rob Shuter asks a question about her love life. (Which is still vaguely entertaining, if you're into watching pretty people look awkward.) The powers that be even bleeped Rob when he asked, "What about his _____?" so technically, we don't even know whether Selita is referring to Nick's dick, balls, bellybutton, or left earlobe. Huffington Post Celebrity: cock tease. [HuffPost, Celebitchy]
  • "Britney Spears and Lady Gaga to record duet?" Sure, why not? [MTV]