This is a distasteful subject, yes, but let's, for a moment, talk about defenses against a rape charge. I guess people who are charged with a violent rape could say it was a case of mistaken identity, that they weren't the guy who did it. That is about the only possible defense that I can think of! Or, you can try what NYC rape suspect Jason Quinones is saying: that terrified woman whose apartment I broke into totally wanted it.

This is not one of those "I met her at a club and she was wearing a short dress and we were both drunk and making out and I think she really wanted it" types of lies. This is a much more notable lie! According to the NY Post, Quinones admits to breaking into a woman's first-floor apartment at 4:30 a.m. last week, while she was sleeping. But hey, he's an attractive guy. You know how these things go.

"The defendant made a series of statements that he went through the window of the apartment and took the victim's phone, so she'd be unable to call the police, and had sex with the victim — although he disturbingly claims it was consensual," Assistant District Attorney Samuel David said in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday.

It's hard to say why the woman fled into her building's hallway "screaming and nearly naked" after such a good time, but hey, that's just the effect that Jason Quinones has on women, if you know what Jason Quinones means. Plus, Jason's mom says "This is a big misunderstanding." Lover's quarrel! It's so crazy, I swear Jason Quinones' life is like a letter from Penthouse Forum (Rapist's Edition)!

You are definitely going to jail dude.

[NYP. Photo: Shutterstock]