Here's a trailer for The Woman in Black, a new period horror movie starring Daniel Radcliffe in his first major post-Harry Potter role. Don't worry though, this one also involves creepy old buildings and supernatural things and lots of children.

The story follows a young lawyer (Radcliffe) who travels to a small marshy town to settle the affairs of a dead client, only to realize that the creepy old manor house he's living in is possessed by an angry lady ghost. So it's a pretty straightforward ghost tale of a newcomer in a strange house dealing with scary old secrets. Typical! Though, I must admit, I don't know whether the movie will be any good, but the trailer is certainly effective! All the creepy tinkly music and sudden, subtle appearances of ghosties. Ghost movies are best when you don't really see the ghosts, as in the surprise hit The Others or, for esotericism's sake, the mostly forgotten 1980 Canadian gem The Changeling. Hopefully Woman in Black doesn't go for cheesy special effects, but rather scares us with what we don't see. A little hint here and there, like the final scare at the end of this trailer, is all right, but I hope there's not some big ghost battle at the end with swirling green screen monsters and whatnot.

As for the Radcliffe factor, I'm curious to see him outside of Hogwarts. If his performance in Equus on Broadway was any indication, he knows his way around a dark tale, so hopefully he'll do well in this. It's definitely a bit strange seeing him play an Adult, a solicitor no less!, but I'm sure we'll all get over that pretty quickly. We'll be too busy being scaaaaaaared. Or, y'know, disappointed when the ghost shows up and looks like a computer game.