A Nebraska man has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Dallas hospital for having entered for a routine tonsillectomy, and exited a human tracking device.

From plaintiff Michael Woolman's (self-authored) civil complaint against the Baylor Medical Center:

I was in ,"The Room after ,surgery& I needed ,to go to the bathroom .
I got up and a nurse assisted me to ,the bathroom.
I was going to the bathroom and , I finished.
All a sudden ,My cloth started falling off, I tried to pull ,my cloths up and ,,
My arm pit was bloody, Well I thought nothing of it, at the time.
Well , I came in for a since & noise surgery,? Why is my arm pit bloody ??????
Now after ,knowing ,what Bryan LGH was doing IS
Trying a new way to track people,
By inserting a GPS Device in people, Illegally.

You can read the rest of the "proactclaimatipon" (sp?) at the Dallas Observer website.