Hopefully no one plans to leave downtown San Francisco this evening, because the whole area is set to be consumed in an angry four-way rage fest over the BART subway system, a fest that now includes a counterprotest in support of a BART official whose nude photo was leaked by protesters.

Gay and black friends of gay and black BART spokesman Linton Johnson are planning to gather downtown tonight to counterprotest Anonymous, the hacker group that last week obtained and released pictures of Linton showing off his dick at a party, according to the San Francisco Chronicle (scroll to second item).

Anonymous, in turn, has been protesting BART's decision to shut down cell phone service to thwart other protesters. Those protesters are upset that BART police are shooting passengers to death on a disturbingly regular basis. All protest groups, along with BART police, will be gathering at 5 pm tonight at the Civic Center station. If the past few weeks are any guide, they will move progressively closer to the waterfront, with BART administrators shutting down various key commuter stations in their path.

In summary, basically the only people who can use San Francisco's regional subway to properly transit to and from work now are the people whose work involves causing the subway not to function safely, saying the subway does not function safely, or protesting how people accomplish said causing or saying. Normal people with jobs that do not entail protesting or shooting should obviously plan to use other modes of transportation.

[Photo of a passenger being hostile to a protester for being hostile to the police for being hostile to passengers at last week's BART protests via Getty Images]