This morning, Conde Nasties and passersby on 42nd St. were greeted by Scientologists handing out copies of the new issue of their Freedom magazine—which is a spoof of The New Yorker. Stick it to the man, Scientology!

The Scientologists are still mad about the huge Lawrence Wright Scientology takedown that the NYer ran last February. Over six months ago! That piece ran after an eight-hour marathon fact-checking meeting with Scientologists. But here they are, six months later, to get their revenge, with a magazine spoof—including an entire DVD criticizing Lawrence Wright's journalistic methods!

Myles Tanzer at Animal NY has scanned many pages of the Freedom issue for your reading pleasure. The level of work, at least, that went into producing this outraged magazine spoof is impressive. The fact that Scientology's method of choice for refuting a critical story is to criticize as unstable liars sources who were once top Scientology insiders is less impressive.

[Animal NY]