We've all been on bad dates, am I right? Like, when you're out with a guy and he says he needs to go to the betting parlor before dinner? Talk about a bad date! And then he runs out of the shop holding a knife in a sack of cash screaming "DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE!"?

That's the kind of bad date poor Leah Gibbs, 23, of South Wales, apparently went on:

At the start of the date, Adam Minton, 21, asked Ms Gibbs to drive him to a nearby betting shop (always a good sign) and she agreed to wait in the car outside.

Minutes later he ran out of the Ladbrokes, in Rhondda, South Wales, with a knife in one hand and a bag full of money in the other. Once in the car, he screamed: "Drive, drive, drive."

And she did! Back to his house, apparently, where both were arrested by the police. Minton eventually confessed that he'd acted alone, saying that he was in debt from a cocaine addiction, and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Gibbs should have known better, though—Minton originally asked her out on Facebook, which is, all things considered, worse than armed robbery.

[News.com.au via Reddit; image via Shutterstock]